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Santa and His Super Hero

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Everybody needs a Super Hero.  Even Santa.

The malls were crowded with last minute shoppers.  A blanket of snow covered the ground as the echoes of children caroling were heard through the silence of the evening.

Up at the North Pole, the reindeer were harnessed to Santa’s sleigh. The gifts were all loaded and Zippy, Santa’s head elf was waiting to help Santa with his deliveries.  It was a Christmas Eve like every other, so they thought.

When Santa gets stuck in a chimney, a firefighter named Nathan helps to get him out.  Santa is so thankful, he asks Nathan to help them for the rest of the night.  And it’s a good thing they did.

In Santa and His Super Hero, you will read about Santa’s misadventures that Christmas evening and how his Super Hero, a fire fighter named Nathan helped him out.

Santa with the Kids - Gallery

Santa with the Kids

We want to be a Super Hero!

When we decided we were going to publish the book, we thought that we would like to help people with the proceeds of Santa and His Super Hero.  Since a fire fighter was so helpful to Santa that night, we thought that we would help the fire fighters.

Proceeds of the sale of our book will be given to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund (BCPFFABF).  The Burn Fund not only helps the survivors of fires across British Columbia, they are also big on the education and prevention of fires and injuries due to fire.  Another thing the BCPFFABF does is in the summer they run a camp for children who are burn survivors.

Their new project is the Burn Fund Center.  A brand new building at main Street and East 23rd Avenue in Vancouver will be an affordable place for caregivers to stay as their loved ones are being treated for their injuries at either Children’s Hospital of the Trauma and Plastics Unit at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

Santa and His Super Hero visits the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Association Burn Fund


Do YOU want to be a Super Hero Too?

Getting a book published and launched is quite a costly endeavor.  We have set up a Fundraising Page on our website to help pay for these expenses.  The more money we can get from contributors to pay for these expenses, the more money we will have to give to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

Net proceeds from all funds we get are going to be donated to the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.

BC Burn Fund Coin

Nathan came up with the idea for Santa and His Super Hero when he was 3 years old after we visited City TV’s FoodBank Friday.  In his interview with Dawn Chubai, a firetruck pulled into the yard.  Nathan was mesmerized.  below is his interview on breakfast television that year.



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