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FoodBank Friday marked the beginning

The very beginning of Santa and His Super Hero at FoodBank Friday

It all started at FoodBank Friday

Throughout this blog I have been writing mainly about our Firehall visits.  Today I thought I would like to tell you how it all began.

Ever since Nathan was born, we would go to the CityTV Breakfast Television FoodBank Friday in Vancouver.  The first time we went, we were interviewed by host Dawn Chubai.  Shortly after Nathan was born I started a company called Anything on a Clock.   After that, whenever we went to FoodBank Friday, we would donate part proceeds of our November sales to the Food Bank.

On December 4th 2009, we went to the FoodBank Friday broadcast as we always had.  But this time was different.  Shortly after we arrived, a firetruck rolled in. Generally Nathan is a bit groggy when we go to these events.  They start at 6:00 am and because we like to be there near the beginning, and then hang out for a bit, we usually leave the house around 5:00 am.  But when the fire truck arrived, Nathan got really excited.  Off camera, before our interview, Dawn Chubai asked Nathan why he was so excited.  Nathan being 3 1/2 years old at the time pointed to the firetruck and said "Super Heroes".

During our interview Dawn asked Nathan again about the firefighters and he told Dawn that they were Super Heroes.  After our spot, they cut to Riaz Meghji who did an interview about the upcoming Santa Clause Parade.  Then it was the firefighter's turn.  While Riaz was doling his thing, host Greg Harper asked if Nathan would like to join him at the firetruck for his segment.

That was the first time that Nathan connected his Super Heroes (firefighters) to Santa.  That evening when I tucked him into bed, I asked him for ideas for his bedtime story.  He asked me "What would happen if Santa got stuck in a chimney?  Do you think firefighters would help them?"  So I made up a story about how a firefighter helped Santa when he got stuck in a Chimney.  Each evening he would ask more about our story until I put it on paper.

This fall our story that we made up 6 years ago will be made into a book for other kids to enjoy.


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