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Nathan's Gallery of Super Heroes.


On this page we will put a gallery from each of the firehall visits that we do and other events that we attend promoting our book,Santa and His Super Hero.


Nathan being filmed by CityTV for Breakfast Television

Visit with Santa - December 2015

On December 15, 2015 Nathan took our book to see Santa.  He even had Santa sign his book for him.

Santa and His Super Hero gets Illustrated

Santa and His Super Hero was illustrated by the Division 5 class at Harbourview Elementary School.  Division 5 is a grade 3-4 class taught by Mrs. Shinkewski.

Gallery from Burnaby Firehall #3


On April 17th, 2015, after we visited the Burn Fund, we drove Brent to Burnaby Firehall # 3.

Gallery from BC Professional Fire Fighters' Association Burn Fund

On April 17th, 2015 we took the book to the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund to show them our book.  Nathan had a great time telling them about our project and got some really cool swag.

Gallery from Burnaby Fire Department - #6 Firehall

On March 28, 2015 Nathan visited the Burnaby Firehall #6.  One of his favourite lacrosse players, Steve hay works at that fire hall.

Gallery from Surrey Fire Department - #1 Firehall

On March 19th, 2015 we dropped in on Surrey Firehall #1. The trucks weren't there but the Battalion Chief showed us around the firehall and his truck.

Gallery from Maple Ridge Fire Department - #1 Firehall

On March 17th we visited Maple Ridge Firehall #1. Nathan just got a new softcover copy of the book with 10 pages in the back for the firefighters to sign.  This way Nathan will have a list of his Super Heroes from everywhere we visit.  We showed them the book and they loved it.

Gallery from the Central Firehall in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

On January 21, we visited Playa del Carmen in Mexico. The first stop Nathan wanted to do was the firehall. He got to meet a couple of the Bomberos (Mexican Fire Fighters). Good thing we had Monica there to translate for us.

Gallery from us having our book read by Santa Clause

On January 4th, we had 11 kids, Santa, 4 firefighters and 1 fire captain come to the house along with a small video crew. We filmed Santa reading the book to a bunch of children. Thank you Coquitlam Fire Department for sending your crew and everyone who came out to make this a successful event. And of course we need to thank Santa for taking time out of his much needed rest time.

Gallery from Coquitlam Fire Department - #1 Firehall

On December 30th we visited Coquitlam Firehall #1. While Nathan was being shown around the fire trucks, I was arranging for a crew to come to our house for the filming of our book.

In the galleries below, we will be showing some of the photos that we took in 2009 when Nathan first started calling first responders his Super Heroes

Gallery from the Coquitlam Tree Lighting

On September 6th, 2009 we took Nathan to the tree lighting Celebrations at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam. Nathan got to sit in the fire truck.

Gallery from CityTV FoodBank Friday

On Friday December 4, 2009 we took Nathan to the CityTV FoodBank Friday. This was an annual tradition for us but this was the first time his Super Heroes were there.

Gallery from the Hayack Parade

On Saturday May 23rd, 2009, we took Nathan to the New Westminster Hayack Festival parade. He was excited to seeing a couple fire trucks. This was shortly after he started calling first responders his Super Heroes.


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