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May 15, 2015 – Burnaby Firehall #1

On May 15th Nathan had a professional development day so we visited Burnaby Firehall #1.  When we got there we met with fire captain Erik Vogel.  He took us down and showed us the dispatch room.  He then took us into the engine bay where he showed us through his Command Unit.

After showing the Command Unit Captain Vogel went in where the firefighter were having their morning briefing and send out firefighters Darren Jung and Tyler Codron.  Darren is the driver of Rescue 1 and Tyler is number 77 on the Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League.  As Nathan is a big fan of lacrosse and plays novice lacrosse in Coquitlam, he was excited to meet Tyler.

The guys thought it would be better to show us the firetruck outside the fire bay so he decided to pull it out into the parking lot. Of course it's more fun to have a passenger so Nathan jumped up into the passenger seat and put on the headset so that he could talk to the drive and to dispatch.  As they left the driveway and pulled down the street to another entrance onto the property, Darren had Nathan turn on the lights, then the siren.

After they got back to the yard, the firefighters opened the doors around the truck and showed Nathan the safety equipment.  Then they took a fire hose and a pylon out and let Nathan shoot the hose at the pylon.

When we were finished, Captain Erik Vogel brought the Santa and His Super Hero book back to us where he had all of the crews sign it.

Thanks to everyone at the Burnaby Firehall #1 for such a great experience.  Especially Erik Vogel, Darren Jung and Tyler Codron.

You can see the photos from the visit on our Gallery page.

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