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Santa’s in the House

On January 4th 2015, Santa came to our house....

.....and so did so many others.

It was kind of like an open house, but with special guests.  We set up our basement with a Christmas scene so Santa and some Super Heroes could feel right at home.

On the internet, video is very popular, and since we are trying to raise money for the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund, I thought it would be a good time to call in a favor to my good friend from the North Pole and have Santa come to the house and read Santa and His Super Hero on film.

Then we got thinking, there is no sense in bringing Santa Clause all the way down from the North Pole and not have any kids around for him to see so we invited 10 of Nathan's friends to come over and spend some quality time with Santa... and listen to the reading of our book.

And of course we invited over some fire fighters.  The Coquitlam Fire Department sent over a fire truck and 4 on duty fire fighters.  Captain Jason Miller was off duty but he also came to the house for the filming.  He thought it might be a good idea just in case the fire fighters got called away.  And it was a good thing too because just as we needed the firefighters, they got a call and had to leave.

We were able to borrow the filming equipment from Mark Wright and Rapid Time Networks.  Now this was great, but a bit of a problem because I know next to nothing about film and sound.  Two of my friends, Quinn Berry and Tracy Sim stepped up and took control of the filming.

Santa with the Kids - Gallery - House
Santa with the Kids

We were able to get the filming done in 2 takes one small retake when we realized that 2 of the pages stuck together and Santa missed them all together.

Thank you to everyone who helped out so much with this project and we are looking forward to the next few months when the book is published.

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