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There are squirrels everywhere!

By squirrels, I mean distractions.  A lot has happened in the last year.  I can't believe that I haven't blogged here in so long.  That being said, we have done a lot over the last year to not only promote the book but to get it ready for publication.  This blog post will be a short update on what has happened in the last year.  I will be following it up with a number of blog posts about some of the exciting new developments.  I may even add in a few squirrels along the way.


Ellen Degeneres

I've been an Ellen fan for a long time.  Her show is on my wife's "must watch" list.  One day last year, it was suggested to me to try to get onto her show.  It only makes sense.  Her demographic is also our demographic.  Even though Santa and his Super Hero is a children's book, our target customers would be the mothers.

We started a web page last year but forgot to blog about it.  We are asking people to go to Ellen's website and let her know about us.


Firehall Visits

Over the last year, we have done a lot of firehouse visits.  Not only around British Columbia but we  have also visited taken Santa and His Super Hero to Playa del Carmen, Mexico as well as 3 firehall visits in Washington State and 4 visits in Manhattan New York.

Some of the firehalls would give Nathan some swag when we visited.  Starting with our visit to New York, when we do our visits, we give them a trophy that says "Our Super Heroes, We Thank You."


We Are Illustrated

After months of looking for an illustrator, Nathan's grade 3/4 class illustrated the book for us.  I will do a blog post about that story next so I don't want to say too much here.


That is just a bit of what happened over the last year.  In the next little while, I will be getting caught up.