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NYFD Ten House

Visit to NYFD Ten House in New York City.


NYFD Ten House
NYFD Ten House

After what was such a surreal experience at Ground Zero, we crossed the street to NYFD Ten House.  From the news coverage on 9/11, I knew that it was close, but I didn't realize it was that close.

Engine 10 Ladder 10 is 1 of just 2 fire halls in all of New York that both trucks have the same number.  The other is Engine 52 - ladder 52 in the Bronx.  This is different than what we are used to in British Columbia. And Nathan found this quite fascinating.

Shortly after we rang the bell, Fire Fighter Pickering greeted us and showed us around the fire hall.  One thing that we decided to do when we went to New York is give the fire hall a trophy to thank them for their service.  Engraved on the trophy is "Our Super Heroes, We Thank You.  Santa and His Super Hero".

NYFD Ten House has a lot of cool stuff to see.

After Nathan showed Firefighter Pickering his book, he let us walk around the hire hall, which they call houses.  Nathan was mesmerized by the trucks there.  Most o the trucks were adorned with amazing graphics.  The engine in House 10 had a huge mural of an American Flag on the side of it.  Most of the trucks also have the names of the fallen firefighters who worked on that truck.

Another thing that every firehall has is a shrine to the fallen firefighters.  (above left)  At Ten house they have their "Tenhouse Bravest" wall.  Around the images are plaques about the firefighters.

On the wall where they have their protective gear was a really cool flag.  What you don't see in the photo is the row of about 100 helmets from firefighters around the world who visited their station.