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The Book

Santa and His Super Hero - The Book

Over the last year we have made quite a few changes to the appearance of Santa and His Super Hero.  Thanks to the amazing design team at Tellwell Talents, our book has gone thru quite the transformation.

We have also added a few pages to the back of the book that makes the book even more interactive for the kids.

A lot of people ask me about Santa and his Super Hero and what the book is about.  Below is some of the pages that are in the  book.

Front Cover

Copyright Page

Dedication Page

This book is Dedicated to Nathan's Super Heroes.  The men and women firefighters around the world that keep us safe.  It is also dedicated to his 2015-16 class who illustrated it for us.

Letter to Santa

Page 1

The malls were crowded with last minute shoppers.  A blanket of snow covered the ground as the echoes of children caroling were heard through the silence of the evening.

Up at the North Pole, the reindeer were harnessed to Santa’s sleigh. The gifts were all loaded and Zippy, Santa’s head elf was waiting to help Santa with his deliveries.  It was a Christmas Eve like every other, so they thought.

Page 2

Santa was having a bit of a problem down in his room.  You see, last year the children around the world were very generous with their Christmas Eve treats.

There were way too many cookies for Santa to eat.  He didn’t want to disappoint any of the children so the cookies that he couldn’t eat, he took back to the North Pole.

Throughout the year, whenever he wanted a snack, instead of eating something healthy like a carrot, some yogurt or a bowl of granola, he would have a cookie or two.

What nobody realized is that he was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.  And now, his suit was too small.

And the story continues......



Page 11

Santa and Nathan finished up the toy run while Zippy rested in Santa’s sleigh.  When all the toys were delivered, Santa only had one more stop to make.  Santa had to get Nathan back home.

The reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh lightly touched down in front of the fire hall. Nathan looked at Zippy who was now sleeping, then he turned to Santa and said “Thank you for bringing me on your toy run tonight.”

Page 12

“Thank you” said Santa.  “You saved Christmas when you rescued me from the chimney.  Then you tended to Zippy when he fell and hurt his leg, and you put out the chimney fire at Michael and Sienna’s house.  You truly are my Super Hero.”

Then with a flick of the reigns, the reindeer took flight and with one last “Merry Christmas to all” they flew out of sight.

About the Book


As long as I can remember, Nathan has called all first responders His Super Heroes. On December 4, 2009, when Nathan was 3 years old, we took him to CityTV’s Annual Food Bank Friday in Vancouver.

As Dawn Chubai was interviewing him about our donation, Nathan saw a fi re truck pull up. He went silent as he admired the truck and firefighters. He told Dawn that firefighters are His Super Heroes.

A few minutes later, Dawn took Nathan over to see the truck and she told the firefighters and reporter Greg Harper what had just happened. Greg decided that he would have Nathan help him with his news report.

Later that evening when I was making up a bedtime story for Nathan, he asked me what would happen if Santa got stuck in a chimney. And so our story begins…

About the BC Burn Fund


When we decided to turn our story into a book, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to teach Nathan about charity. We decided that since the book was about firefighters, we would donate the net proceeds of the sale of Santa and His Super Hero to the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.

The BC Burn Fund does a lot of great work across the province of BC helping burn survivors with care and rehabilitation. They run a camp in the summer for children who are burn survivors called the Young Burn Survivors Camp.

One of their major projects is the BC Burn Centre in Vancouver BC. Not only will this be the new home of the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund, it will also be a housing centre for families from of town who have loved ones at the Vancouver Children’s Hospital or the Vancouver General Hospital’s burn units.

About the Author


Nathan is a very active and creative boy. Nathan attended Harbour View Elementary School in Coquitlam BC. When he is not at school, he loves playing sports. His favourite sports are hockey and lacrosse.

Even since Nathan was small, he thought of all first responders as his Super Heroes. Whenever he saw a first responder, he would walk up to them and thank them for being his Super Heroes.

Whenever we get the opportunity, Nathan loves going on firehall visits and learn about firefighters and their trucks. As of today, we have been on firehall visits around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Northern Washington State, Playa del Carmen Mexico and Manhattan New York.

About the Illustrators


Nathan loves to show everyone his book, Santa and His Super Hero. When Nathan was in grade 4, he was lucky to have a most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Shinkewski. After Mrs. Shinkewski read the book, she asked if she could have the kids do some illustrations about the book as a class project. I thought it was a great idea to get the class involved.

The Harbour View Elementary School Division 5 class of 2015/16 did an amazing job illustrating this book.

Autograph Pages

Thank You Page

Back Cover

What's New in 2017?

We've added the Fire Fighters Prayer

Letter to Santa

Your child can write their letter to Santa in the book.  then turn the page over, cut along the dotted lines, fold along the fold lines and tape it closed.

If you drop it in the mail by November 15th, you will get a reply in time for Christmas.

*No stamp is required for letters to Santa in Canada.


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