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We Begin Santa and His Super Hero

And so it begins....

Santa and His Super Hero Book. Begin
Santa and His Super Hero Book

In 2009, when my son, Nathan, was 3 years old, instead of reading books to him at night, I would lay in bed with him and make up stories based around his suggestions.  We would begin by Nathan giving me a topic and we would go from there.


As Christmas grew closer, he would give suggestions about how Santa got stuck in a chimney and how a firefighter came to his rescue.  Each night he would begin by giving a different scenario.  After a few nights I saw a pattern in our story telling so after he fell asleep each night, I would go to my computer and write down the story that we just made up.


By Christmas, we had a lot of different adventures that Santa and his Super Hero would go on.  They would all begin the same way; Santa would get caught in a chimney and a firefighter, his Super Hero, would pluck him out of the chimney. Later that year, I found the stories on my computer and thought that I would put it into a story book for Nathan.  I wrote out the story similar to what we have today and the next year I would read it to Nathan as we got closer to Christmas instead of making up the stories.


Jump forward to the winter of 2014.  Christmas was approaching once again and Nathan asked me "When are we going to make this a real book?" I have been talking about it for the last few years but nothing came of it.  So I told him it was time we get it into print.


I went to my favourite online book publishing site, Blurb, and ordered my first book.  This one has no illustrations, just the story.  I did this book because I had arranged for Santa to come to my house to read the book to a bunch of kids and I wanted him to have a real book in his hands.

To Be Continued........


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